ARTIST’S STATEMENT | My oil paintings evolve from a distinct process that begins with my models. It is the people closest to me that inevitably become my subjects. I use photography to capture the pose, light, emotion, clothes, or nudity of my participants. A variety of photo references leads to composition rendered through drawings. As I apply paint to canvas, I attempt to untether myself from my photos. I trust the paint to move me into emotional depth. Naturally seduced by beauty, I find a less sentimental representation much more satisfying. I’m inspired by the realism and naturalism pioneered by the Flemish painters of the 15th century. But I utilize distortion, a method used by the modern figure artists Jenny Saville and Alice Neal, to depict grit within the soul of the figure. Painting figures, particularly my daughters and their friends, allow me to capture the fleeting nature of life. By the time I have finished a painting of my kids, their bodies have inevitably changed. My paintings of cityscapes are a break from the flowing nature of the flesh. The obsessive detail and linear nature of buildings appeal to the more architectural part of my brain. Each painting completed is less a success and more of a road map to mistakes unearthed. Yet it is the dichotomy of self-critique and self-acceptance that keeps me infinitely interested in the work of painting.

ARTIST’S BIO | UC Santa Cruz undergraduate study, 1993-1995 Prescott College graduate, 1996-1998: Bachelor’s Degree Sacramento State University, 2014-2016: Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Black Cat Gallery in Culver City, CA in 2005 Show: “Transference.” Six pieces were sold. Halden Art Gallery, Lake Tahoe CA in 2006 Solo show: “Ode to Ghent” and two, large figure paintings.