ARTIST’S STATEMENT | Both memory and resilience are a fundamental part of my creative process and artistic aesthetic. I draw and paint, then I “deconstruct it” * by literally tearing it into pieces. I then use these torn pieces to recreate a new pictorial space using collage. This collage technique comes to symbolize the contrast of different moments and memories that appear to me when entering spaces of introspection. This process is significant to me and allows me to build new narratives for my present life. The reconstruction of myself allows me to reinvent myself from my own personal deconstruction. In fact, I have used my art to reintegrate myself from three seizure events since I was diagnosed as Bipolar. After so many years, I have learned to recognize this illness as a blessing. I believe every good artist discovers oneself through creativity, accepting and reinventing in each of his/her life periods. From the use of the broken I restructure pieces and memories, in a new sequence and balance. This resilient process has not only helped me confront my beliefs, memories and dreams; it has also become the center of my creative process. * Deconstruct is a term by the French philosopher Derrida where essence is analyzed and rethought without destroying it.

ARTIST’S BIO | Ana Lopez Montes (Mexico City, 1971), has focused her creative praxis on exploring the plastic possibilities offered by the line when it is depicted on pictorial surfaces, while investigating the use of collage, a medium that allows her to condition her plastic compositions in her multifaceted graphic exercises. She began her artistic training at the Grand Chaumière (1990) and L’Academie Port Royal (1991) in Paris, where she studied drawing and painting respectively. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (1993-1996) at the School of Visual Arts in New York, studied Film and Video (2004-2005) at Columbia College in Chicago and a Master of French Literature (2002-2004) at the University of Illinois.