Don’t be intimidated by the application process. Really what I am trying to determine here is how I can best support your journey as an artist. We are seeking a diverse group of artists at all different levels of experience and studio practices. Our application will only take a few moments to complete and we will get in contact within a few days. Please keep in mind during this time of pandemic we may lag on some days and be super productive on other days. We are celebrating our humanity while we prop up yours. 🙂

What are the expectations of PRPGMX residents in our virtual program?

  • Participation in the community can take the form of attending events and adding relevant content and opportunities to our forums.
  • Collaboration. Working with the Director to accomplish an individual goal for your studio. Working with another artist in the group to accomplish a chosen goal supporting your studio work.
  • Promotion. A primary goal of PRPGMX working with artists is to amplify one another’s voices outward. Following, liking, sharing, commenting, and supporting the efforts of our members to increase visibility is a part of how we support one another. Not everyone is a social media guru or wants to be seen via those avenues, but visibility increases opportunities for everyone in the community.

The entrance process of new members to be accepted into the community.

  • The application process now requires a fee unless financial hardship can be proven. The fee will be applied to your first month of residency if accepted.
  • If the application is vetted to be appropriate for the group, then the potential new member will be invited to our PRMX Cocktail hour. Here they can meet some of the members and get a sense of the group.
  • The applicant will be invited to an interview with the Director of PRPGMX. In the interview, we will determine their individual goals for PRPGMX to ensure a match to the resources and members.
  • Once an applicant has gone through the process and is ready to enter, a formal introduction will be posted in the group indicating at which event the new member will be in attendance.
  • Hoila! From that point forward the applicant will be sharing their work, process, potential collaborations, and adding to the spirit of our community.