Edgar Takoyaki – KIZUNA

January 9th to February 14th at PRPG.mx in CDMX • Features Gallery

Dab Art Co. and PRPG.mx are pleased to announce KIZUNA, an exhibition featuring new photographs by Edgar Takoyaki. Continuing to explore the subcultures of Japan, Takoyaki travels once again to his muse city of Tokyo. During this pre-Covid trip, Edgar makes his way through the famed Harajuku district and to Togo Shrine photographing a small and distinct group of men who self identify as Cholos. Adapting the style and embodying the cholo lifestyle of East LA, these self-identifying Japanese Cholos encapsulate a counter-culture akin to their Chicano counterparts.

The Cholo lifestyle is not just about the clothes and the cars, it is about family and friends. A select and exclusive group to which one belongs. KIZUNA translates to Bond; more specifically the bond and connection between people. Takoyaki focuses on the relationships and the explicit friendships formed through the affinity and affections of a cultural sensation a world away.

KIZUNA finally comes to fruition in a multi-city exhibition spanning from Dab Art’s Downtown Los Angeles gallery to our Partnered Gallery in Mexico City, PRPG.MX. KIZUNA can be viewed online beginning January in Artsy.