What if I need to cancel?

This happens. Be sure to cancel before your next payment based on when you initiated with Paypal so that we can ensure the cancellation of your payment from Paypal in time. We will not be able to refund money to artists who do not meet this deadline. 

Can I get a refund?

No. Due to the complexities of transferring money between countries and the costs associated, PRMX cannot refund money sent. In order to do this, we would need a more sophisticated technology requiring higher fees to the artists. We want to keep our fees as low as possible. 

Can I transfer my membership to another artist?

No. Same as above, in order to manage subscriptions and keep costs low, we will not be able to accommodate this. If you decide you cannot use your membership, we will add your amount to the scholarship scheme and offer it to our applicants in the process, as indicated above. 

Can I gift a residency to an artist?

Yes. Absolutely. What better way is there other than purchasing art directly from the said artist to show you care? Please send an email directly to info@proyectosderesidenciamx.com and I will issue an invoice via PayPal.

What happens if the world ends?

I will let you know when it happens since you will be busy creating work in your studio. There is no way to predict what is going to happen, but I think we all know that catastrophizing won’t help us get to the other side with sanity. That’s what this program is here for. Maintaining sanity, dignity, and oxygen to your life and creative process.

Can I be evicted from the residency?

Absolutely. General rules of civility. You will be warned if your behavior is instigating problems within the community. Hey, this is a pandemic and we are all adjusting to the new realities. We will give you some room, but please heed warnings and adjust to the community as well. Everyone needs to feel safe. 

How will we do this?

We will be using a combination of technologies. For the group activities, we have a professional account with Zoom. For personal meetings we will use a multitude of technologies like Facebook video, facetime, google, or others based on the comfort of the artist. 

How do I contact you with other questions?

Great question! You can reach out to me via info@proyectosderesidenciamx.com to ask your specific questions. We can also schedule a time if deemed necessary, to speak via video-conferencing.