Kate Wilhite

Kate WIlhite

Artist: Kate Wilhite is a Salt Lake City-based watercolor artist and illustrator. She focuses her work on duality and ambiguity, painting nighttime watercolors of her community of artists. Kate graduated with a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Utah.

Artist’s Statement: My work explores queer identities by focusing on themes of duality and ambiguity. I consider several questions: At what point does self-expression become a charade? Where does the boundary lie between enjoyment and indulgence? Does anything exist on a binary? How can two contradicting things be true at once? Experimenting with watercolor, I paint artificial light in the night. My goal is to relay universal themes—isolation, self-medication, constructed identities, etc.—through specific snapshots of a particular subculture

Above it All/2020/Unframed/Watercolor/55.88×76.2 cm/22×30 in

Divinity/2020/Unframed/Watercolor/55.88×76.2 cm/22×30 in/NFS

Neighborhood Watch/2020/Unframed/Watercolor/55.88×76.2 cm/22×30 in/NFS

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