Oona Nelson

Oona Nelson

Artist: Oona Nelson lives and works in San Francisco Bay Area. Nelson has a Bachelor’s Degree in Film from the San Francisco Art Institute, and a Masters Degree in Time Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Over the years she has exhibited extensively in the US and internationally.

Artist Statement: She collaboratively works with Ort Project as well as her own personal projects. Her approach is a collage of materials and mediums. Which result in photographic prints, paintings, installations, and interactive gestures. Since 2014, her practice has focused on exploring and critiquing aspects of consumption, abundance, and decay. Within her work, she blends art history, the contemporary cult of convenience, along with the corresponding environmental threats and distorted value systems – trying to balance the grotesque and the beautiful.

No More Dreams No. 1

Photographic Print, 2020 60” x 30” 48” x 24“

No More Dreams No. 2

Photographic Print, 2020 11” x 13“

Rotten Apple Photographic Print

2020 13” x 11“

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