Open 2020

Due to the worldwide pandemic PRMX has been only available remotely. However, we will be reopening our doors to applicants for in person using the CDMX guidelines on October 15th, 2020.

Guidance from CDMX for Artists in Residency

  • One artist in residency at a time.
  • Two weeks between each artist for cleaning and reset
  • International artists traveling must confirm their health status in advance of their visit and ensure all precautions have been taken before and in transit.
  • Your temperature and oxygen levels will be monitored twice daily.
  • You will be provided cleaning solutions and other for your live/work space.
  • Dining space will be provided inside your space.
  • Use of kitchen and bathroom are permitted but the artist is required to wipe all surfaces after each use.
  • Masks are not required inside the residency, but you are required to use one outside of PRMX space.
  • You are not allowed to use public transit while in residency. We recommend UBER as they are taking precautions to slow transmission.
  • We will clarify all this and any changes in a pre-meeting online.
  • You understand the risks involved based on the CDC and WHO updates and are assuming the responsibility for your health and safety as well as that of the community you are visiting.