Roberto Rafael Navarrete

Roberto Rafael Navarrete

Artist: Roberto Rafael Navarrete, born in Queens, New York, was raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Navarrete and his four siblings are first generation Peruvian-Americans and third generation hardwood floormen. Working with various species of trees has had a huge influence on Navarrete’s work throughout his career as this introduced his appreciation for knots. He graduated from Georgia State University in 2011 where he received his Bachelors in Fine Arts with a focus in Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking. His work has been included in several national and international exhibitions. In 2015, Navarrete received The Graduate Teaching Assistantship at Florida Atlantic University and The Community Engagement Initiative Grant 2018. Navarrete currently lives in South Florida where he received his Masters in Fine Arts (2018) at Florida Atlantic University with a focus in Painting, Photography and Mixed Media Installations. 

Artist Statement: Shamanism, Peruvian Heritage, and Sexual Identity are primarily the driving forces in my artwork. My research has enabled me to create a bridge into the physical, emotional, and spiritual scarring caused by global intolerance towards the LGBTQIA+ community and oppression embedded by patriarchal power. As a maturing Artist, I feel an enormous responsibility to utilize my talent, voice, and experience through my artwork as I strive to express positivity while refusing to keep any part of my identity closeted. My work is a collection of experiences replete with learned repressive impulses transformed physically by intentionally subverting hypermasculine materials into divine knots. My objective is to deconstruct individual knotted cords that are the warp and weft of my identity and reconstruct them into a sensual space. The resulting environment offers a visceral experience for the audience while aesthetically exploring the body’s transformation as it heals. This healing ritual involving gender performativity through reflection, knotting, tearing, and pouring helps me reflect, ingest, let go and heal. The work is an offering; representative of the scars I have collected and embraced. Remnants of the performance makes a place within that reflective, transitional process at the intersection of the body and temporality that I occupy as a Queer, Latinx Artist of color.

Roberto Navarrete

SIN Titulo, 2018
24 × 36 in
61 × 91.4 cm
Artsy Precio 900 USD • 19,0001 PESOS
PGMX Precio de impresión 9,000 • Cash Price • Credit Additional 20% for VAT and Bank Fees. Shipping not included and will be calculated after purchase directly with the gallery.

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