PRMX • PGMX presents a project presented as prints on the streets of Mexico City, in Los Angeles, Artsy (the original for prints exhibited for sale), and the physical gallery in Ventura, CA combining prints from all artist in the show.

Solitude can be welcome or uninvited, but it is universal in modern life. The juxtaposition of opposites, memory, location, and time can create a moment in front of a piece of artwork where the artist and the audience connect. Soledad gives us permission to connect while physically distanced and reminds us the risk of intimacy is shared.

Google Map for CDMX

Documentation of Install September 4, 2020 CDMX • Colonia Juarez

As practicing artists we understand how challenging the realities of COVID have been for our community. We developed this unique format to amplify the artists represented by PRMX • PGMX.

  • The artwork doesn’t leave the artist’s studio until its sale.
  • No shipping costs when sold because they are built into the sale.
  • Artists only deliver a hi-resolution file on the deadline and help us promote the work.
  • The prints are considered promotional materials for the show online, so the cost of the prints is the responsibility of DabArt and PRMX • PGMX.
  • Exposure in Mexico City, Los Angeles, Ventura, CA, and on the premier platform for art collectors

Questions? Reply directly to Micheal Swank @ or