Speed Critique |

Explanation | This part of Kiki Thursdays allows to address projects that are in the process and could benefit from outside constructive feedback.

Each artist can present one piece of work. 10 minutes to present. 20 minutes feedback from peers. 2-3 artists each session.

Artist Critiqued |

  • 10 minute limit to explanation
  • Your question was cleared – stick to the plan
  • Avoid going off on tangents that can be confusing to your audience
  • If you linger on a point or dominate during feedback you will be muted
  • Remember we can continue the conversation after the session online

Critique Committee |

  • 20 minutes of feedback for everyone so be direct and be constructive
  • If you linger on a point or dominate you will be muted
  • Focus on the question the artist is asking. Other information can be delivered offline
  • If you think of a question/statement after or during the critique use the chat window option so it is documented and we can use it in the continued conversation

Critique Archives | Keep checking for new content. These critiques are posted separately so that you can use the comment function on each page to further the discussion and feedback.

Zahava 3.18.21

Ana 3.18.21

Gina 3.18.21