The Virtual Artists’ Residency – Online, CDMX, LA, and in your studio

Old and new friendships are made here

PRPG.MX is a Queer safe space for the development and enrichment of artists. We create customized experiences for our guests in the heart of Mexico City DF’s rich cultural district. 

We do not edit or censor ourselves to the comfort of opposing viewpoints. We hope for constructive and honest experiences with our artists and the community. We do not discriminate on age, level of experience, sexual orientation, the genre of artistic expression, qualifications held, or the myriad of other limitations that are commonly used to define the creative expression. 

Amplify your studio practice!

Did you know that Shakespeare wrote King Lear during a pandemic while in isolation? It’s possible to create great art even in the worst of times and with limited resources. Artists tell the story journalists can’t. Art is the voice of humanity. 

I have experienced how difficult it can be to maintain a studio practice in the worst of times and thrived. Two years ago I created an entire series during one of the largest wildfires in California’s history. They sold immediately! One year ago I started Transmutación a series of photos, paintings, and sculptures. This series was in response to a positive diagnosis of HIV and the effects of the medicines on my physical and mental health. Exhibitions and sales followed. I know the benefits of maintaining momentum when it appears the only reasonable answer is to Netflix and chill. Your partons want to support you and make sure you are there, so show them who you are as an artist!

Let PRMX be the catalyst to your own maintenance and recovery of your studio practice. 

The patterns that anchored our studio practices have been altered and we’re looking for a way to regain our footing. The normal structures of our studio practices have been interrupted. Whether self-imposed or imposed from outside forces, the world is in quarantine. Artists are craving connection and creativity. In response to the outcry, PRMX has crafted The Virtual Artists’ Residency. Let us collaborate with you to connect globally, create a discipline for your studio practice, and a voice to unify your experience. The technology exists and we are going to maximize and amplify!