Verónica Villegas

Veronica Villegas

Artist: Veronica Villegas was born the 27th November 1989 between two cultural contexts: Mexican and American cultures in the city of El Paso, TX (USA) and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua (Mexico). As a transmigrant artist, she considers that heterogeneity could be an assertive adjective to describe part of her artistic labour about Mexican religious imaginaries and their constant feedback within different cultural contexts. She has a Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts with a mayor in Painting and Graphics. Since 2019, she is working on her PhD research project related with transiconography and multicultrual imaginaries in Latin Amerca. Her artwork has been exhibited in Mexico City, USA and Germany

Artist Statement: “Kitsch is political….Within this statement I describe my own perspective concerning the life of religious images in Mexico and its own reflections in different cultural contexts. Images stablish a bond, they define borders for a purpose: to break them, to pass through a different epistemological structure concerning cultural basis of daily existence. In my case, I study contemporary religious images as a scandalous shadow that follows the cultural memory in Latin America. Usually, a popular icon created to justify an ideological domination system takes for itself an appropriation exercise, just as an artist would do, to trigger a Mind guerrilla; an epistemological turn as an act of decolonization. It is witnessed by Mexican-American communities and their own epistemological turn as they deconstruct the idea of national identity, trespassing ideological and cultural frontiers. In my artwork I trace a genealogy of these transculturation processes, as an iconographic revision of social and cultural backgrounds that build an allegory of the people, in a multicultural sense.”

Verónica Villegas

Acrylic, tinta e imagen religiosa intervenidal, 
34 cm x 38 cm
13.38 in x 14.96 in
Artsy Precio 550 USD • 12,000 PESOS
PGMX Precio de Original 7,000 PESOS

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