What is the cost?

Good news. There are options that start at free and go forward to meet your needs and abilities. As a studio artist myself, I understand how difficult it can be to balance your income between wants and needs. My hope is that you will see this as an investment in the health of your studio and in the health of your own mind. I have tried to create a pricing plan that reflects the realities of managing this project with the realities of our world economy. 

Artist in Residency $20 USD per month • Subscribe Here

Artists in residence will have the option of attending group critique sessions, salon-style storytelling circles, virtual tours of exhibitions, workshops, artist talks, potential inclusion in publications related to the project, and other opportunities as they arise. Our goal is to connect artists with resources, opportunities, one another through activities that we would normally do face-to-face, especially when masks and the fear of contamination were not the main topics of our day. 

These are the group activities of The Virtual Artists’ Residency, but the other half is what you do in your studio. Artists accepted into the residency are expected to continue their practice in the studio, share their work in progress and finished pieces, and participate as much as possible in PRMX activities. 

Remember to complete your application before you subscribe. We do not issue refunds if you subscribe and are not accepted into the residency.

Patron in Residency $50 USD per month  Subscribe Here

This level is entitled to all the items listed for The Virtual Artists’ Residency with additional opportunities for individual portfolio reviews with the curator(s), priority consideration for representation via PRMX • PGMX, DabArt.me, and exhibitions related to the residency and a 10% discount on future physical residency opportunities at PRMX (some dates restricted).

Remember to complete your application before you subscribe. We do not issue refunds if you subscribe and are not accepted into the residency.

Discounts for Artists in Residency Subscribers

Application – This is an opportunity for you to tell us more about your creative practice, history, and goals for your studio. All artists apply via the CallForEntry.org system and/or maybe invited to apply at a discounted rate directly. Application fee varies based on several factors. Please check the application for current rate. 

Membership – Membership has it’s privileges, but also requires a small payment to keep our services running. Electricity, internet, hosting services, email servers, zoom membership, and more keep the virtual residency alive. $20 per month 

Art Critique – Critiques are a catalyst for the artist to see their materials, processes, and concepts through the eyes of their peers. Outside of college, we don’t often get the opportunity to sit with our peers to get feedback on our work. PRPG.MX works one-on-one with the artist who desires the critique to determine what questions need to be answered and how to use the critique as a positive catalyst in the studio. Prep Session – Free for artists in residency (subscription). $20 for non-subscribersCritique – Open to Artists in Residence to attend free. To be critiqued $20 for artists in residency (subscription). $30 for non-members or non-subscribers. 

Kiki – A tradition has formed where a group of artists accidentally meet on Zoom, sip their beverages, and catch up on studio gossip. KiKi. Open to the public by invitation or artist in residency

Art Lab – Each week artists in residency meet on our zoom to produce work in our studios and share a conversation while we do it. Art Lab is a way for artists to connect about their lives, processes, progress, and more on a weekly basis. It is only one element of many made available to artists in residency. Artists in residency subscribers only.

Studio Vista – Often there is a clear narrative in the work but it is harder to gain access to the processes, materials, and personal stories that enrich the work. This series is intended to offer a window into the studios of artists in residency with PRMX and other participating artists by offering a platform for the artist to discuss their processes and concepts. Prep Free for artists in residency (subscription). $10 for non-subscribers. Studio Vista Event – Open to Artists in Residence to attend free. To be subject of Vista $20 for artists in residency (subscription). $40 for non-members or non-subscribers. 

Visiting Artist – There is very little historical information on the life and experiences of queer artists throughout history. This is an effort by PRMX • PGMX to capture the stories of contemporary queer artists and allies to share with the world and archive. We select from artists who have applied to the residency and/or exhibition programs to either do an in studio interview or via available technologies at a distance. Shared on our PRMX • PGMX Youtube and Social Media.


There is always a significant financial challenge to being a full-time artist in normal times, but in the time of COVID-19, this is multiplied over and over again. With this in mind, we will be offering scholarships to full-time studio artists. For every 5 paid subscriptions we will offer a free month to a studio artist applicant. 

How to qualify for Scholarships

  • Complete the application for residency.
  • Attend the events and distinguish yourself through constructive participation.
  • For priority consideration – complete at least one week of activities with PRMX at Artist in Residence level.