Who and How

Who Can Apply?

Galeria Union and community participant

Our residency program welcomes multidisciplinary artists of all ages to connect virtually within the context of your creative process. PRMX is for emerging and established artists, designers, architects, curators, and researchers to pursue their creative endeavors, with the opportunity to expose their works and findings online and also in physical spaces. We are seeking artists interested in building a community at a time when physical gatherings are prohibited. Each artist agrees to participate to their fullest capabilities with their time, creative spirit, constructive voice, and their artistic processes. This residency requires artists who are open to improving their own processes and outcomes, but most importantly, who crave a connection to the world outside their studios. Check out our current artists in residency.

How do we collaborate?

How lucky are we this is not 1918 and we are quarantined. We have luxuries unimaginable by those standards. For the purposes of this residency, we will be using Zoom, Facebook Groups, and other technologies based on individual needs. Don’t worry. I have been teaching technology integration for communities for years and applying it inside of K-12 and college campuses, so we will make this sing and I will work with your tech abilities.

Our mission is in creating opportunities with respect to the individual and community.