Residency Activities

Activities OF THE Artists in Residency | What to expect

Kiki events | Each week we meet to discuss the happenings in our studios over a glass of wine or chosen beverages. We cover various topics as residents state their needs. Sometimes we have guests pop in, we have visiting artists, curator talks, group critique one time a month, and solo critiques. Currently, we do this on Thursday evenings at 7 PM – CST (Mexico City).

Solo Art Critiques | Critiques are a catalyst for the artist to see their materials, processes, and concepts through the eyes of their peers. In critique, we will be commenting on the work of one of our artists in residency or invited artist- contact us directly to participate in this critique or plan one for your studio. Bring a glass of wine, an open mind and prepare for constructive dialogue. Artist in Residency may participate in these critiques for free as a member of the audience. There is a small fee of $30USD to be the subject of critique which includes a prep session unless you are at the Enhanced Artist level.

Don’t want to be an Artist in Residency but crave a critique? Artists interested in only this option but not participating in the residency can reach out to directly for the cost.

Group Art Critiques | Critiques are a catalyst for the artist to see their materials, processes, and concepts through the eyes of their peers. However, solo critiques don’t happen in a frequent pattern so we have added the group critique one time each month with 1-3 artists. This is meant to satisfy an immediate need in the studio regarding one piece only. The artist talks for 10 minutes, receive 20 minutes of feedback from the peer group and then move to the next. The conversation and questions will be posted as a video with a discussion thread to be continued with the desire of each artist. This is part of the residency program and has no additional costs.

Visiting Artists and Talks |
The process of bringing new artists into the community and telling their stories creates unique opportunities for our Artists in Residency. Sometimes we broadcast these events live and AR’s are invited to attend and participate.

Art Lab | Each week we meet in our studios to work on projects with our peers in a 10-week process that accumulates in a curated show on, Los Angeles, and/or gallery in CDMX. ALP invites conversations about processes, materials, and shared techniques. Imagine you are in a larger space where each artist is working but you also get to share conversation.

The Art Lab Project Timeline | 4 times a year (quarterly) collective project.

• The day for the meetings Saturdays 1 PM- 2:30 PM CST for the Summer program and 70% attendance required. We realize emergencies occur and it is hard to plan, but we want to be fair to the community since the group dynamic does play a role in the success of the final exhibition and artists’ outcomes.

• There will be an official window of time to apply for placement. TBA.

• Participating artists will be from the residency subscription group, invited artists, invited curators, invited educators, and others.

• There will be a separate fee assessed for the Art Lab Project to participate apart from the subscription structure paid by residents. Subscribing residents will be allowed to participate without exhibition outcome and without extra fee assessed. Fees will be announced with the application process.

• There will be a limited number of scholarships available based on the group enrollment goal of 15 to 20 artists total.

• All artists accepted to participate in the exhibition outcome will have 2 hours of direct time with the curator, guest curator, or other as determined during the 10-week project.

Consultations | Artists can schedule consultations via, but as a resident, with you can schedule appointments directly with the curator to do portfolio reviews, plan applications to shows, and or meet studio-related goals. A fresh eye can help an artist see their work from the curator’s perspective.

These consultations are at a reduced cost ($40USD compared to $65USD normally) and with a longer time of 1.5 hours compared to 50 minutes via other platforms. Residents can also break this time into 2 parts during the course of a month to recap a conversation or check in on the stated goals. The time credits do not roll over and cannot be combined with other month subscriptions. Check the membership levels and keep this element in mind when making a choice for your studio.

Our goal is to connect artists with resources, opportunities, one another through activities that we would normally do face-to-face, especially when masks and the fear of contamination were not the main topics of our day. 

These are the group activities of the Virtual Artists’ Residency, but the other half is what you do in your studio. Artists accepted into the residency are expected to continue their practice in the studio, share their work in progress and finished pieces, and participate as much as possible in PRMX activities.