The Art Studio Loft

Art Studio Loft @ProyectosdeResidenciaMX

Your studio is a two-story loft space, spiral staircase to the TV (no cable) and bedroom space. Think of this as a live-work studio apartment – a Chambre- to escape the hectic city. Two separate spaces created by the loft offer you room to study, make art, eat, do yoga, and watch tv beyond a bed to sleep in. You’ll sleep in a ‘matrimonial’ size (a common size for 2 in DF) memory foam bed. This loft space also features a desk or drafting table and painting easel to use for computer space or as a space to create art.

The base price for this room is $225 per week (please note this is only an estimate because we customize the experience for each guest based on several factors; type of practice, desired interactivity with community, events, tours, additional needs, etc. Customizing requires that we review your application first, interview you to clarify and define, and then we will present you with a plan.)