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The Exhibition – Existimos (We Exist) 

Queers have been erased from historical records throughout history. The revolutionary chants of the Stonewall riots, the reclamation of the word queer during the ACTUP activism of the 80s, and the continued fight for visibility have contributed to awareness and acceptance of groups existing outside the sexual and gender norms. However, today as we present this show there are forces at work to remove advancements and reset history to its limited view of the lives we lead. Existimos brings a community of queer artists voices out of the shadows to transgress, transfigure, transpose, transform, and transcend the limitations of a binary world where queer becomes a verb and not a noun.

This show will include an online exhibition on Artsy.net, a catalogue, and several other opportunities for applicants accepted via DabArt and PRMX.

Due to Coronavirus: This exhibition will begin online with Artsy.net and show here throughout the physical exhibition time. We are currently planning for opening date of June 24th, but are also in direct communication with our space sponsor ReUrbano to move the date into the later summer or early fall depending on developments worldwide.

Our Partners

We are thrilled to be working with our innovative partners to create this unique experience. If you would like to join our team please contact Micheal Swank directly.



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