The Gallery Loft

The Gallery Loft @ProyectosdeResidenciaMX

We offer excellent value in a stylish space. A unique experience for CDMX inside an active art studio filled with art. The bedroom is a two-story loft space, with a ladder to the upstairs. It’s a great place to roll out a yoga mat and catch a different view of your home away from home or set up your easel and start painting. The apartment is filled with art from the visiting artists and loaded with architectural character (pieces rotate).

The base price for this room is $175 per week (please note this is only an estimate because we customize the experience for each guest based on several factors; type of practice, desired interactivity with community, events, tours, additional needs, etc. Customizing requires that we review your application first, interview you to clarify and define, and then we will present you with a plan.)

Please note there are some ambient noises from the chicotes (custom auto cables) manufacturer downstairs during business hours (8 AM-6 PM). You can read in the reviews how stunning quiet it is off a major busy street. Nothing obnoxious and rarely noted happens to affect your stay in this room.