Art Lab Project | Exhibition Incubator

PROPOSALS | If you have already submitted (link above) to and been accepted or placed on the waiting list you are set. You may request the link to the google form to submit your proposal here. We will confirm your previous application and if none are found you will be involved via PayPal.

What is the Art Lab Project |

Art Lab at one time was an informal way for the residents to meet and have social interactions around their studio practices. Over time the conversations became more invested and started to lead to one-on-one conversations about potential exhibition opportunities with and Dab Art Co. (our partner gallery in Los Angeles and Ventura, CA). We began to realize the relationship between the curators and the artists, were creating unique exhibitions with richer meaning. Thus began the formalization of our processes and exhibitions related to exhibition outcomes.

This project is an 10-week studio project where the artists are committed to showing up each week to present their progress, receive feedback from peers, receive feedback from the curators, and utilize the collective to help solve technical or conceptual issues. Participating artists are expected to apply for participation and have their proposals validated by the curator in advance to be considered for the exhibition outcome.

LAB DAY | Due to the response we are launching the program with 2 potential days to select your meeting time. You will be able to select one of the following times Fridays from 1-2:30 PM or Saturdays from 1 PM- 2:30 PM CST. Program attendance is mandatory at 85%. We realize emergencies occur and it is hard to plan, but we want to be fair to the community since the group dynamic does play a role in the success of the final exhibition and artists’ outcomes. We also realize that our artists are professionals and will make every attempt to be present and communicate issues in advance so we can make a plan. Communication is key here.


Application: Applications for Art Lab can be made at any time via (see the apply button in the main navigation of our site).

Here is a sample proposal which I created for a mural project in english and spanish

Check-in. Each week we will select different artists to do a check-in for the group to better understand and support your process. Please show up prepared to discuss your progress, processes, pitfalls, successes, and more.

Acceptance. Once an artist is accepted into the Art Lab Project they will have a 30 minute meeting to discuss their project in week 1 of the project to fine-tune the proposal. The artists will also meet with the curator in week 9 to review their final submission for 30 minutes. In week 10 the entire group will meet to discuss the show outcomes before the show is scheduled for Artsy or gallery production.

Week 2 and week 9 the group will not meet formally, but those who desire will be able to log into the space and proceed as desired.

WHO | Participating artists will be from the residency subscription group, invited artists, invited curators, invited educators, and others. We strive to create a balance in the medias, characteristics of the artists studio practices, and diversity of the queer and allied community.


There will be a separate fee assessed ($250 for 10 weeks) for the Art Lab Project to participate. We strive to keep this affordable but also to ensure there is sufficient support to make this function and pay for support services that keep our residency moving forward. This is not a pay-for-play program and each artist must understand that paying and participating in the 10-week process is NOT a guarantee of exposition. If admitted it is because we believe the process supports your studio development and matches the spirit of where our programming is going.

SCHOLARSHIPS | As with all projects and exhibitions there is a percentage of participants who do not pay. This element we believe is essential to the diversity of voices in the group. We do not want to exclude artists based on their ability to pay, but we do need to create a balance. There will be a limited number of scholarships available based on the group enrollment and we do focus those funds compared to our mission. Please contact Micheal Swank directly to discuss the specifics of your situation.

EXTRA BENEFIT | It is very rare that artists receive feedback during the creation process for an exhibition. This project closes that gap and the applied artists will have one-on-one time with the curator, guest curators, or others as determined during the 10-week project. If you feel like you would like more attention than what we can do within these 10 weeks, we recommend enrolling for the ENHANCED Artist Resident to elect an extra 1.5 hours of consultation per month on our “subscribe” page.

The next Application opens April 2021 for a start date of May 20th to July 22nd. Exhibition Date announced during Art Lab Process (approx August). DEADLINE TO SUBMIT PROPOSALS is May 15. Notifications and invoices will be sent out May 16 to 20th.