Proyectos Galeria MX

Proyectos Galeria MX is a Dab Art Co. satellite gallery located in Colonia Juarez, Mexico City. This densely populated and culturally significant neighborhood is a mecca for the city’s art community; Salon Acme, Karen Huber, QiPo2, and many others.

Though the original colonial-style eclectic architecture is still prominent throughout the space, PGMX creates uniquely styled exhibition spaces. PGMX is housed in a 5 story old world style former residence, with a total combined exhibition space of 1200 square ft.

PRMX • PGMX also curates shows in spaces of unique characteristics in different parts of the city. We work with local partners to find the space that works with the character of our shows. We also work with artists interested in curating their exhibitions in any of our spaces.

Proyectos Galeria MX is curated exclusively by Dab Art Co. & PRMX • PGMX curator Micheal Swank. Micheal’s contemporary program focus’s on artists and artwork within (but not limited to) the LGBTQ+ community.

Click HERE to learn more about Micheal Swank.