Salons were cosmopolitan in nature, a remarkable mixture of social classes were in attendance: aristocrats, distinguished foreigners, literati, artists, scientists, abbés, philosophes and, mostly importantly, women. Common people could interact with the nobility at Parisian salons, thus salons helped to break down existing social and intellectual barriers. Salons were places of enlightened conversation, which included an increased attention to gender equality. Salons offered an ideal location for women to expand their role in society. To learn more about the social structure of Paris salons.

Reborn by #PRMX in CDMX for a once a month gathering of artists, intellectuals, and weirdos for enlightenment and elucidation of selected themes. For instance, our next session is a week after Easter so our theme will be “Rituals”. Each guest is asked to share a writing, artwork, music, personal ritual, or others in relation to the theme. We encourage people to dress for the occasion in something related to the theme or just elevated with a touch of queerness.

Seating is limited and Artists in Residence are always guaranteed a seat. If you are interested please RSVP in advance of the next event. Do you have an idea for a theme? Share it!

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