Studio Vista Loft

Studio Vista Loft @ProyectosDeResidenciaMX

This space is a semi-private loft above the main art studio in which we have life drawing groups, visiting artists, and other events at times. That said, it is a highly artsy space with tons of turn of the century character and filled with art to savor and furrow your brow. The view of the two gothic style church windows over the railing creates a unique ambiance.

This space is itself the loft so there is no second level. It has a large footprint similar to the main studio space with space for your work and living. It’s perfect for those who like to feel connected but also maintain a sense of privacy.

The base price for this room is $150 per week (please note this is only an estimate because we customize the experience for each guest based on several factors; type of practice, desired interactivity with community, events, tours, additional needs, etc. Customizing requires that we review your application first, interview you to clarify and define, and then we will present you with a plan.)

This is not recommended if you are sensitive to ambient noises or lights (although we do have a white noise machine, blinders for sleeping, and earplugs available). We do strive to be respectful of our guests and modify activities during the quiet hours of 11P – 9AM.