Good news | As a studio artist myself, I understand how difficult it can be to balance your income between wants and needs. My hope is that you will see this as an investment in the health of your studio and in the health of your own mind. I have tried to create a pricing plan that reflects the realities of managing this project with the realities of our world economy.

To see the list of activities and some sample videos please visit our Residency Activities page.


The residency is in process of shifting as the pandemic shifts also. We will continue to host online activities like visiting artists, critiques, and etc, but all the activities other than the membership level listed below will be part of Art Lab Project. This is a more formal 10 week residency programming (see link in main navigation) and will the primary activity of our virtual residency program. From May 15th forward Art Lab Project will be the main option for digital residency. You can elect the Enhanced Membership to receive extra attention for our projects and more one-on-one time. All former and current Art Lab Project will be added to the mail list to be invited to our Kiki and other events ongoing.

Applications for in-person residency will be open as of May 30th, 2021. Please return for more information.


$65.00 | Enhanced Artist in Residency Membership

  • Email notifications about exhibitions, calls-for-art, poetry readings, and other events.
  • Invitations to Members-only events; Kiki, Critiques, Curator Talk, and more.
  • Artist profile with images of your work and a brief statement on PRPGmx Artists
  • Discounts on Art Lab Project and other consultations
  • Artist profile includes up to eight images of your work
  • Discount on special programs
  • One FREE exhibition entry (contact gallery for your one-time code) per 6 months
  • 10% off all gallery purchases and future residency stay or project production.
  • 1 hour of direct consultation with the curator per month. Non-transferable if not used within the month of subscription.
  • Personal review of applications and materials for gallery shows
  • Goal setting for administration of studio
  • Review of social media and websites
  • Getting past creative blocks and creating studio disciplines
  • Solo critique – at this level, once every six months!
  • 50% discount on Art Lab Project

$75.00 | Art Advocate Membership

Not an Artist? Support by becoming an Advocate, and receive:

  • 10% off all gallery purchases
  • Invited to members-only networking events
  • Discount on special programs (workshops, panels)
  • 60% discount on Art Lab Project

$500.00 | Lifetime Artist Membership

  • All Enhanced Artist membership benefits except free exhibition entry; or Art Advocate benefits if non-artist, for life.

Remember you need to complete your application before you subscribe.